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Ages 17+

We strive to discover and nurture the next generation of talented performers. As a premier entertainment company, we are constantly on the lookout for individuals who possess unique and dynamic skill sets. We believe that every individual is unique and has something special to offer to the world of performing arts.

At CentreStage, we value commitment and focus. We are looking for performers who are dedicated to their craft and are willing to put in the hard work required to succeed in this highly competitive industry. Our approach to casting agency is inclusive and transparent, with your needs being our top priority.

We believe in the power of diversity and welcome individuals from all walks of life to join our vibrant community of performers. We strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and valued. We understand that every performer has different strengths and challenges, and we are committed to providing personalized support to help you achieve your goals.

As a talent agency, we are dedicated to helping our performers succeed. We believe that success is not only about talent, but also about hard work, commitment, and the ability to respond to feedback from casting directors. We provide training, coaching, and support to help you develop your skills and achieve your full potential.

Join CentreStage today and become a part of our dynamic community of performers. We look forward to discovering your unique talents and helping you achieve your dreams.


To apply for representation by CentreStage Agency, follow these steps:

1. Introduction (1 minute):Begin your video with a one-minute introduction. State your name, age, and express why you aspire to be represented by CentreStage Agency. Share your passion for performing and any relevant experiences or goals you have in the entertainment industry.

2. Singing (2 minute): Perform a one-minute singing segment showcasing your vocal abilities. Choose a song that you feel comfortable with and that highlights your strengths as a singer. Make sure the audio is clear, and focus on creating a visually engaging performance.

3. Monologue Scene (2 minute):Select a one-minute monologue from the provided link ( and perform it with conviction. This is an opportunity to showcase your acting skills, so choose a monologue that resonates with you and allows you to demonstrate your range and emotional depth.

4. Video Guidelines: Record the entire three-minute video on your phone. Pay close attention to your background and ensure a quiet atmosphere so that your performance is clearly audible. Remember that this video is your chance to make a strong impression, so present yourself in the best possible light.

5. Submission: Upload the unedited five-minute video to the specified submission platform provided by CentreStage Agency. Ensure that the file format is compatible, and follow any additional instructions for the submission process.

6. Virtual Interview: Successful candidates will be contacted for a virtual interview. Be prepared to discuss your passion for the performing arts, your goals, and any relevant experiences. Treat the virtual interview as an opportunity to further showcase your personality and suitability for representation.

By following these steps and presenting your best self in the video, you increase your chances of being considered by CentreStage Agency for representation in the entertainment industry. Good luck!

Click here or use the form below to apply



CentreStage Agency implements an annual administration fee to ensure standardised costs for all parents. This fee encompasses the following services:

CentreStage Pty Ltd charges commission on all bookings in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Australian Drama Agents Association:

10% (+GST) on all paid opportunities

No Management or set up fee

To become represented by CS, You will be required to pay a membership fee for a premium account directly to each plaform annually.  You will never need to pay CentreStage. 

Casting Networks and Showcast Premium Accounts

CentreStage excels in talent management, guiding individuals to success with personalised strategies, industry insights, and continuous support for flourishing careers. 

Talent Management

Every year, you will have acess to a  private headshot session with the acclaimed photographer Peter Foster or Paul Dodd. This session will involve one-on-one personalised attention from our team and provide two different look options. Digital photos will be provided.

Agency Headshot


CentreStage's Crossroads Live account setup offers seamless access to exclusive content, virtual events, and talent opportunities for aspiring artists.

Cross Road Live Account Setup

Showcast Premium enhances your casting experience with premium features, increased visibility, and exclusive industry opportunities. o become represented by CS, You will be required to pay $130 for a premium account

Showcast Premium

Altai Casting ensures seamless monitoring for opportunities, often duplicated on Casting Networks and Showcast, offering efficient access to diverse roles. We'll monitor for fresh opportunities.

Altai Monitoring

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